In Ukraine, another Bentley appeared with HBO (video)


The sensational installation of HBO on a Bentley Continental Flying Spur with a six-liter W12 was made by Motor-Gas, the official representative of the largest European producer of gas equipment – ALEX.

Barracuda nozzles were placed in the center of the W-shaped 12-cylinder block, gearboxes were hidden down. Therefore, opening the hood, you will not immediately understand that HBO is mounted here.

In this case, the same equipment was installed as previously on the Bentley Continental GT – these are two sets of Optima Expert equipment from the Polish manufacturer Alex, one per 6-cylinder. There are also two of Alex’s most powerful gearboxes, the Turbot 1500.

The machine has two cylinders and two independent highways. The cylinders are located in the trunk and practically did not affect its capacity. In the glove box, below the central armrest, there are two fuel type switches that are fully automated.

During the test test drive, no power loss was detected and therefore it is difficult to determine what type of fuel the machine is running at one time or another. The fastest sedan Bentley Continental Flying Spur retained all the dynamic characteristics and at the same time became twice as economical. This once again shows what modern HBO is capable of.