In Russia they sell a rare diesel Volga for 5.5 million rubles made in Belgium


In Russia, a rare version of the GAZ-21 with a diesel engine was put up for sale. The car was built in 1965 by a Belgian company; in all, 120 vehicles were produced. The current owner estimated the unique Volga at 5.5 million rubles.

The creation of these cars was engaged in the Belgian company S.A. Scaldia-Volga. The company concluded an agreement with the Gorky Automobile Plant, according to which GAZ-21 machine kits were exported to Belgium, where they were assembled and equipped with diesel engines. It was possible to distinguish a special modification from a conventional gasoline one in particular by the location of the exhaust pipe and the presence of the Volga Diesel nameplate on the trunk.

There were several engine options. Initially, the cars were equipped with 1.6-liter English Perkins Four-99 engines with a capacity of 48 horsepower, but later it was replaced with a more efficient unit. They became the 2.3-liter “aspirated”, which was developed by the British brand Rover. The maximum power of the four-cylinder unit reached 65 horsepower. Some versions were equipped with 1.9-liter Peugeot-Indenor engines with a return of 59 forces.

According to various sources, the circulation of diesel modifications ranged from 120 to 160 cars, the bulk of sales fell on the version with Soviet gasoline engines. One of the rare sedans put up for sale in Yekaterinburg, an ad is available on The car is equipped with a Rover diesel engine. At one time, the car fell into the hands of the director of the Theological Aluminum Plant, after which it was taken by the current owner. According to him, the car went to him in a deplorable state and before the sale he conducted a complete restoration. The cost of a rare copy of the Volga is 5.5 million rubles.

Last week, another Volga was put up for sale in Russia at the price of a new business-class foreign car – the GAZ-3102 model with a mileage of only 10 kilometers. Released in 1995, the car was never registered, he spent his whole life in the garage. As a power plant, this sedan uses a 2.5-liter engine with a capacity of 100 horsepower. And one of the most expensive Volga cars costs one and a half times more expensive – this is the GAZ-23 model, which was created specifically for the KGB and the Soviet special services. Previously, it was impossible to buy such a car for any money and connections, but today it’s quite realistic – however, they appreciated the rare model at a record 8.6 million rubles.

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