In Russia, they patented a new roadster & nbsp


In the profile database of the Institute of Industrial Property, new pictures of an unknown car appeared. It is reported that the National Roadster Youth Design Bureau LLC has the right to a patent.
From the sketches, it is still difficult to understand the features of the future car. But it’s already clear that it will be a convertible that will receive only 3 doors. The roof is made of soft fabric. The front part is decorated with chic triangular headlights, as well as narrow lights. The radiator grill is quite massive, which is why the roadster looks very aggressive. Dimensional rear wing air intakes are installed, as well as a chic sports spoiler. The design goes well with the large drives and low-profile tires chosen by the developers.
With regard to technical characteristics, the patent documentation says nothing about this. Therefore, experts can only speculate on this subject.
Recall that representatives of NETI are going to create a new domestic electric car, which will be created based on a sports car brand Marussia. Most likely, the Russians will be able to see the model with their own eyes no earlier than the end of 2020.
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