In Russia, the demand for gasoline fell


5 Feb 2020

Analysts suggest that people are just starting to save money on cars

In 2019, demand for gasoline in Russia fell to a minimum over the past five years, having decreased by 1.4% to 35.5 million tons. Experts called this dynamics paradoxical: stronger than in 2019, demand for this type of fuel fell only in 2015 – by 1.9%. However, if in 2015 such consumer behavior was explained by a two-year drop in real disposable incomes, then in 2019, on the contrary, their growth was recorded.

Actually, a decrease in demand for fuel is reported by the Petromarket research group. She concludes that the cause of the fall could be either a user’s refusal to use personal cars, or the substitution of gasoline with other fuels, such as gas. Interestingly, the report contains information on the mass installation of gas equipment on automobiles.

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