In Russia, stop selling one model of Mercedes-Benz


The Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup, which is based on the chassis of the Nissan Navara, did not meet the expectations of the German company. The pickup will be fired after only a few years from the date of exit, without the prospects of a second generation and without a successor. One of the reasons for this decision was to reduce costs by stopping the production of cars at the Daimler plant in Barcelona.

In Russia, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class appeared in the spring of 2018 and since that moment, 810 copies have been sold in the country, including 547 in 2019. As of mid-2019, 16.7 thousand cars were sold in Europe, Australia and South Africa for comparison, another pickup truck, Ford Ranger, was sold in Europe alone in the amount of almost 60 thousand units.

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