Hyundai Seeks US Assistance for Electrification


thirteen Feb 2020

Korean concern has agreed with a California startup Canoo to jointly develop a platform for electric vehicles

The platform will be based on some special architecture invented by Canoo engineers. This will simplify and accelerate the start of mass production. The chassis created by the startup is equipped with a suspension with double wishbones front and rear and a battery located under the passenger compartment floor. On this cart you can build a car with any type of body.

It is curious that the Canoo startup itself has so far introduced only the eponymous electric minivan. He received a 304-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle and a traction battery of 80 kWh, which should be enough for 400 kilometers. The project was developed in 19 months, the start of mass production is planned for 2021. The minivan will not appear on sale: it will be available only by subscription with a fixed monthly fee.

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