Hyundai designers and engineers will work in virtual reality


18 Dec 2019

Author photo: manufacturing company

Thanks to the new VR system, car development will be 15% cheaper and 20% faster

Hyundai has unveiled at its main research center in South Korea a new system for evaluating design solutions based on virtual reality technology. It allows the development team to get into the project model using VR glasses in order to analyze various aspects of the process of creating a new model at an early stage. The system was already tested in the development of the concept truck HDC-6 Neptune.

It is reported that the system creates elements of the exterior and interior of the future car, “trying on” different colors and materials. It also simulates the lighting and surroundings of the machine – for greater realism. Currently, the system allows a group of 20 people to simultaneously work on a project. The concern intends to use virtual reality technology for joint work of its global divisions through remote access, as well as in product planning departments and directly in the production.

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