How to get insurance to pay for OSAGO & nbsp


Autonews experts published a detailed procedure for a car enthusiast who cannot wait to receive insurance payments or an insurance claim from the insurance company or is not satisfied with the amount of compensation accrued.
Experts remind that under the law the insurer is obliged to make a payment or send the client for repair within 20 days after accepting the application. All subsequent actions, for example, refusal, violation of the terms of payment, underestimation of the amount of compensation, which the car owner considers unreasonable, can be challenged.
First of all, experts assure, it is necessary to conduct an independent examination of car damage and collect medical reports about the damage to health in road accidents (if any). Then you can begin to draw up a complaint to the insurer. The document should indicate what the client does not agree with, and the very requirement to “restore justice.” Together with the claim, an expert opinion, an insurance contract and an application for insurance payment are submitted. According to Russian law, a client’s requirement must be reviewed within 10 days.
If the insurance company has not responded or refused to meet the requirements, before going to court, you can contact the specialists of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RSA). However, experienced drivers explain that in the RSA they deal with cases of gross violation of the law: in particular, refusals to pay without explanation or requirements to provide documents that are not provided for by OSAGO rules. They will not undertake to resolve disputes about the amount of compensation in the union. In this case, the term for consideration of the application in the organization usually takes about a month.
Finally, the insurer can be called to account through the court. Together with the statement of claim, copies of all previously collected documents, as well as copies of notifications, refusals, etc., are submitted to the office. Based on the results of the consideration of the case, the court makes a decision, which, if it does not suit the car owner, can also be challenged in a higher court.
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