How much has the Lexus GX improved after the upgrade?


One of the most charismatic SUVs once again undergone modernization

Southern provincial France, where the updated Japanese was tested, is not rich in large cars, so the Lexus GX looks like a real giant here, which locals reverently fear. And after they notice Russian numbers on the SUV, in their eyes I see even genuine fear. Well, they are afraid – that means respect. However, I would be scared (and respect) myself when I saw this huge spindle-shaped radiator grille and the menacing look of the new three-beam LED headlights.

Careful selection

In addition to the updated radiator grilles and optics, the model boasts other changes. So, the Lexus GX has acquired new off-road functions, including the Multi Terrain Select off-road assistance system selector. In addition, the car received four cameras around the perimeter of the body, a system of all-round visibility, as well as the function of maintaining a constant speed on off-road with five fixed speeds.

That is, now, when moving outside the asphalt, you can control the movement through the front, rear and side cameras, the image from which is displayed on the screen of the navigation system. At the same time, the Multi Terrain Select function, which allows you to select one of five driving modes, will automatically change the degree of permissible wheel slipping, simultaneously controlling the brakes and throttle response. Therefore, the driver can concentrate on taxiing.

And, of course, the GX is safer. For this purpose, he received a complex called Lexus Safety System +, which includes an automatic braking function that responds to cars and pedestrians, a lane change warning system, an adaptive “cruise” and, finally, the very latest diode headlights with intelligent long-distance control light, independently turning on low beam when oncoming or passing vehicles appear.

In terms of hardware, the SUV has not changed, but in this regard, everything is in order with it. The old-school 4.6-liter 296-horsepower atmospheric V8 feels great. In the basic configuration, the “Japanese” is equipped with an adaptive adjustable AVS suspension, a “pneuma” on the rear axle, an interaxle differential with electronic lock, downshift and other systems that control everything and everything.

Everything is possible for me in the “tank”

In the cabin, I do not observe anything new. However, in my opinion, the interior does not require improvements. The decoration uses semi-aniline leather and wood with laser (!) Engraving. The steering wheel, trimmed with leather and wood, is heated. The high front panel evokes a feeling of security. At night, the atmosphere is supplemented by atmospheric diode illumination. The usual ergonomics – everything is in place. The multimedia screen simultaneously reflects up to three sections, which is very convenient. There are already four USB ports in the cabin.

I love how frame SUVs go. Although this design is no longer relevant even outside the asphalt, it has one advantage over the supporting body: I ​​mean the completely silent operation of the suspension. The frame so isolates the driver and passengers from the operation of the chassis that there is a feeling of riding in a tank. This can also be called a sense of permissiveness. And in the French countryside, I feel like a king. The cars here are small and some kind of old, and they all run straight ahead, seeing my “tank”. I look down on even rare crossovers, and literally, because the Lexus GX also seems small because of the steering wheel.

This car needs to be driven slowly, impressively lounging in an armchair and casually, with one hand, turning the steering wheel. Outside the window, a mountainous landscape slowly floats, and under the hood the atmospheric V8 rumbles satisfactorily, ready if necessary to make this “tank” show remarkable agility. But I won’t do it because I don’t feel like rushing. And this SUV was not created to attack mountain streamers, because it can rock motion, not only passengers, but also the driver. I’d rather stay at the observation deck to enjoy the views of the picturesque mountain gorge.

While contemplating the “foreign” beauty, an old pickup truck parked next to my Lexus, from which two men in working overalls came out. They looked at the Japanese SUV for a long time, nodding respectfully. When I approached the car, the natives, without saying a word, raised their thumbs up, and then began to smile ingratiatingly, kiss their hands and bow to their legs, recognizing the supreme ruler in me. I graciously accepted the honors. Just kidding, of course. But about thumbs raised up – it’s true.

The updated Lexus GX is sold in Russia at prices from 4 565 000 to 5 061 000 rubles, depending on the version and configuration. It is worth mentioning about special service programs for this model, thanks to which the owner will be almost spared the worries about its maintenance during the first three years after purchase. These programs include a 3-year warranty, the first three regular MOTs from an authorized dealer, and three years of using the Roadside Assistance service. Whatever side you look at, a very tempting offer.

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