How Moscow drivers are forced to abandon personal cars & nbsp


Moscow authorities said that in order to reduce the number of personal vehicles on the capital’s roads, it is planned to expand the paid parking zone and increase the length of the allocated lanes for public transport, Autonews reports. At the same time, officials will continue to stimulate the development of companies providing taxi and car sharing services.
The head of the Department of Transport of the capital, Maxim Liksutov, noted that 8 million cars have been registered in Moscow today. At the same time, the density indicators of the Moscow street-road network (28 m2) are significantly lower than in other large megacities: for example, in New York – 203 m2, in London – 98 m2, Singapore – 72 m2, Tokyo – 63 m2.
Liksutov explained that in 2020, work to reduce the number of personal vehicles on Moscow streets will continue. So, from February 17, the paid parking zone will be expanded. You will have to pay for parking in the areas of Begovaya, Vnukovo, Tagansky, Basmanny, Golovinsky, Danilovsky, Lyublino, Maryina Roscha, Mitino, Nagatino-Sadovniki, Novogireevo, Ryazansky, Yuzhnoportovy, Sokolinaya Gora, as well as Northern and Southern Tushino. The official explained that this is being done to ensure that local residents have the opportunity to park near their homes.
In addition, the city authorities plan to increase the length of the allocated lanes for public transport to 390 kilometers. This measure, according to the authors of the initiative, is able to increase the average speed of public transport.
As an alternative to a personal car, Muscovites are still advised to take a taxi and use car sharing. For their part, relevant companies will be able to count on state support in 2020: 282 million rubles have been allocated for benefits from the city government. In addition, entrepreneurs will be able to receive reimbursement of loans and leasing payments for the purchase of new cars. Separate benefits are provided for the purchase of electric cars.
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