Honda Ridgeline: an outsider of the pickup market has updated and received a new “automatic”


The second generation Honda Ridgeline pickup truck has been produced since 2016 and, despite the many practical features that even Skoda would envy, the Americans did not like the model again – the new Ridgeline, like its predecessor, turned out to be an outsider of the pickup market. For the first full year of sales, that is, 2017, a Japanese pickup truck assembled in Lincoln, Alabama, found 34,749 buyers in the USA, in 2018, demand fell to 30,592 units. By American standards, this is not enough. For comparison, we give the sales figures for the first three quarters of this year for all American mid-size pickups: Toyota Tacoma – 187 622 units, Chevrolet Colorado – 96 819 units, Nissan Frontier – 54 686 units, Ford Ranger – 50 512 units, GMC Canyon – 26 301, Honda Ridgeline – 23 633 pcs., Jeep Gladiator – 23 374 pcs. The statistics show that the Ridgeline is slightly ahead of Jeep Gladiator in sales, but this is due to the fact that Gladiator entered the market only in February, and by the end of the year, the Jeep pickup is likely to outperform the Honda model.




Despite weak sales, Honda decided to spend money and slightly upgrade the Ridgeline. Pickup 2020 model year, which will appear at dealers on December 16, will be able to boast of a 9-speed hydromechanical “automatic” instead of the previous 6-speed. This is the main and, in fact, the only technical new thing. The engine is the same – atmospheric 3.5-liter V6 with direct injection (284 hp, 355 Nm). Drive – front or full, with individual rear wheel drive clutches (that is, there is no rear differential between wheels).

A new push-button selector for automatic transmission modes and an updated multimedia system with an 8-inch touch screen and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone interfaces have appeared in the cabin. The rear doors began to open at a wider angle for the convenience of landing and disembarkation. The side of the body, which can open both down and side, received remote control of the lock.

Other virtues have not disappeared: due to the supporting structure of the body, Ridgeline has an additional lockable trunk in the rear overhang. The reserve is also stored under the body floor. On the left side of the body there is a lockable socket, and the top versions can boast of audio speakers mounted in the body. In the rear window of the cab there is an electric window. Under the pillow of the back sofa there is a place for luggage – for example, a golf bag is freely placed on it. Also, the pillow can be pressed to the back, which will allow you to place a bicycle in the cab. Ridgeline’s carrying capacity is 718 kg, the permissible towed trailer weight is 2268 kg.

The basic equipment also announced a generous set of electronic driver assistants, thanks to which Honda hopes to receive the Ridgeline award Top Safety Pick of the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Prior to the upgrade, Ridgeline already had such an award, but from next year IIHS decided to revise the evaluation criteria and take into account collision avoidance systems. But the Honda Pickup does not count on the top award Top Safety Pick + – it needs advanced adaptive headlights, Honda decided not to bother with them.

In Russia, the Honda Ridgeline is not officially represented, although the Pilot cross-platform crossover is on sale with us – for the first three quarters of this year, 169 copies were sold.


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