Honda has decided to carry out restyling of the discontinued S2000 roadster


Finding an authentic Honda S2000 roadster in good condition in the secondary market is not easy, since many of the released copies have undergone ruthless tuning, while others have turned into so-called cramps. The car, which Honda will show on January 10 at the Tokyo Motor Show, is also the result of tuning, but factory, careful, prepared by the accessory division of Honda Access. Its specialists developed a new body kit for the pre-styling S2000 (AP1, produced from 1999 to 2003), namely more aggressive bumpers and sills, tinted headlights, a blackened windshield and mirror frame, and a modern audio system. Modified suspension is also announced.

Teaser for Honda S2000 anniversary roadster with parts kit from Honda Access




So far, the kit has been announced in the form of a single photograph, we will learn the details in January. Most likely, Honda Access will offer a set of these parts to everyone who wants them, so that with their help the S2000 becomes a little more modern for its anniversary. As for the successor, it, alas, is not even in the project yet – the release of relatively mass and inexpensive sports cars is not profitable today, and few people want to deal with them.

The original S2000 debuted in 1999 and became a kind of triumph of classic automotive mechanics. Its 2.0-liter naturally aspirated gas engine had a record power density at that time and produced a maximum of 241-250 hp. at 8800 rpm depending on version. He was paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox, all power was transmitted to the rear wheels through a Torsen limited-slip differential. Thanks to the rather rigid body and sports suspension on double wishbones “in a circle”, the S2000 was perfectly controlled and earned the glory of one of the best Japanese sports cars of the beginning of our century.

The model was especially well received in the USA: in 2001 and 2002, sales were approaching ten thousand copies, but after the update in 2003, demand began to fall. In Europe, the best year of sales for the S2000 was the 2000th – then almost four thousand units were sold. Subsequently, the Japanese roadster became wildly popular not only among tuners, but also among computer game lovers – thanks to them, even very young motorists today know about the S2000.

Also at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Honda will show a modified first-generation Civic Type R hot hatch (EK9), but this, apparently, will be a single project created for the amusement of the public.


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