Has Chery Tiggo 4 ceased to be a Chinese car?


Equipping its crossover with a modern preselective transmission and a brisk turbo engine, the Chinese brand has proven that it plays on equal terms with the leading players in the B-SUV segment

Watching your unusual passes driving the new Chery Tiggo 4, many may decide that you are doing yoga or simply fooling around. Otherwise, why stretch your palm toward the front panel, freezing momentarily in a picture pose? In fact, the climate system menu is activated with such a gesture, and waving a finger in front of the 9-inch touch screen, you can change music tracks and radio stations. The owner also has an optional waterproof smart bracelet, with which the locks are unlocked and the windows open, and soon, representatives of Chery told me, such a device can also remotely start the engine.

Dominated by gadgets

I admit, preparing for the Tiggo 4 test in the top Cosmo configuration, I planned to focus on the new aggregate linkage – a 1.5-liter 147-horsepower gasoline turbo engine and a 6-speed “robot” with two clutches. This version, which appeared on sale in the fall, is an alternative to the 2-liter 122-horsepower gasoline version we have already tested with a CVT and the initial version with the same 122-horsepower “aspirated” and 5-speed “mechanics” (front-wheel drive for all trim levels) .

However, on-board gadgets at first completely captured my attention. No wonder: the compact crossover Chery is designed for sophisticated modern electronics 30-year-old citizens. The latter obviously will like the ability to unlock the locks without removing the key from the pocket, adjust the temperature in the cabin with the touch screen sliders and monitor the situation behind the “stern” using a clear picture from the rear view camera.

A special feature of the interior is the electronic handbrake, while for the version with a variator a classic parking brake handle is provided. The hand of the master is visible in the design, namely, designer James Hope, before working for Chery at Ford, Daimler Chrysler and General Motors. Most of all I was impressed by the front seats with lateral support almost like a sports car, while not squeezing in the shoulders and hips. The weather is also made with tactilely pleasant finishing materials (even the 340-liter trunk is covered with carpet) and the so-called winter package. Chery’s Russian office insisted on introducing the latter, so that in winter you can heat the windshield and rear windows, all seats, mirrors and steering wheel.

To be in good shape

The same smart bracelet works, among other things, as a pedometer, setting the wearer for sports. But the car itself with a turbo engine and “preselective” dictates an active lifestyle for you. The brake and accelerator pedals are responsive, and pauses when changing gears of the robotic gearbox are barely noticeable. There is no hint of transmission spurts in the urban crush. And since the peak thrust of 210 Nm lies on the shelf of 1750–4000 rpm, the crossover briskly starts and picks up speed: on Tiggo 4 suburban roads it does not turn sour even when accelerating from 120 km / h. In addition, the active driver has the opportunity to set the “sports” settings for the drive with a key on the central tunnel or fix the low gear with the gear selector. The fuel consumption in the city amounted to about 9.7 l / 100 km, which, taking into account the November traffic jams in Moscow, is a very good indicator.

Should I worry about the reliability of the aggregate base? Here is a powerful argument for the fearful – the “preselect” Chery is designed on the basis of a 6-speed “robot” with two clutches of the German company Getrag. A similar scheme was used on a number of Ford models, although a team of Chery engineers thoroughly finalized this unit, optimizing the switching scheme in traffic jams, on a slope and when moving in a torn rhythm. The gasoline 1.5-liter 147-horsepower engine is equipped with distributed injection, a Honeywell turbocharger and a variable valve timing system. Finally, which is especially nice, the car is protected by a generous guarantee – 5 years or 150,000 km, including – on paintwork. It is not for nothing that the machine uses high-quality galvanized steel with a low carbon content, which is highly resistant to corrosion.

An important difference between the 147-horsepower modification is the use of electric power steering (a hydraulic power amplifier is used in the 122-horsepower SUV). Thanks to this, the steering wheel is simultaneously light and has adequate reactive force. Bends in bends – as part of the “standard” for crossovers. I also note the high smoothness and lack of vibration on the steering wheel.

It remains to add that the top-end 147-horsepower performance of Chery Tiggo 4 is estimated at 1,189,900 rubles, and this price includes 18-inch alloy wheels, front and side airbags, rear ventilation deflectors, an electric handbrake, keyless entry, a rear-view camera and much more.


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