Guinness World Records – the longest bus in question


The Guinness Book of Records abounds with many interesting achievements, including those relating to vehicles of unusual sizes. For example, here is the longest limousine, which has a front to rear bumper of 30.48 m.

But the longest bus yet. However, recently the information appeared on the Busworld Facebook page that the Guinness Book of Records experts began an active search for candidates.

AutoTram Extra Grand at the IAA-2012 in Hanover


The longest electric bus in the world – for 250 passengers

Note that over the past few years very interesting specimens have appeared in this regard. So, in 2012, the German Fraunhofer Institute for Traffic and Infrastructure Systems built a three-section bus with a length of 30.7 m – AutoTram Extra Grand, accommodating no less than 26 passengers. Of the interesting features of this machine, we call a hybrid power plant – with diesel generators, batteries and supercapacitors.

Volvo Gran Arctic 300


The largest bus in the world turned into a camper

A little later, at the end of 2016, Volvo Buses, a three-link Volvo Gran Arctic 300 chassis with 30 meters from bow to stern, presented its length meter. It was specially designed for the Brazilian operators of the BRT bus line – for the installation of bodies from the local manufacturer Neobus. The number “300” in the name is not accidental, since the chassis was designed for passenger capacity of three hundred people.

Scania – chassis F 360 HA

Noteworthy is the new product from Scania – the F 360 HA chassis for a three-link bus with a body from the Brazilian manufacturer Caio. The first cars recovered routes in the spring of 2019. True, these buses are shorter – “only” 27 meters and can accommodate up to 160 passengers each.