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Putting both hands on my heart and gritting my teeth, the price tag for broadcasting ads can be called relatively justified – the opportunity to show your video to more than a hundred million people is not provided every day. But by 2020, this figure went beyond good and evil: if in 1967 it was necessary to pay 42 thousand dollars for showing a 30-second advertisement, then this year the cost of broadcasting the same timing reached $ 5.6 million (last year, by comparison, it was 5.2 million).

Because of this, many companies refuse to broadcast their ads at the match – this year the cost of broadcasting for a short video scared even such large media companies as Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and Netflix. Many car manufacturers, like other companies, take a different path: they shoot full-length videos for an average of 2.5-3 minutes, publish them shortly before the match, and on the Super Bowl themselves show reduced versions for a maximum of a minute. Despite the fact that the amount of advertising is gradually decreasing every year, there is still something to choose from, which we did.

GMC Hummer. Silent Revolution

Of course, the main premiere that the Americans should have spoken about in advertising for millions of viewers is the revived electric Hummer. In the video, they say that 1000 horsepower, 15 591 Nm of torque and acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in three seconds will soon be completely silent. And if in this way the company decided to hint at the characteristics of the new Hammer, something curious is clearly waiting for us.

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