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All this was filmed on video and uploaded to YouTube. Now materials are being studied by the transport prosecutor’s office of Karelia.

And here’s what happened – two Muscovites argued over a major contract, and a car was at stake MercedesBenz Gelandewagen, which the loser pledged to throw off the air. Since in Moscow there was no safe place for the implementation of the plan, the jokers went to Karelia. Arriving there on December 19, they entered into an agreement with the director general of Pesky Airport, paid 250 thousand for a 20-minute flight, and the pilot lifted a helicopter into the sky with a 1995 Gelendvagen attached to it on a cable, reports “The capital on Onego”.

The helicopter rose to a height of 300 meters, flew off a little to the side and dropped the car on the airport platform, well, at least not on the runway. They cleaned everything after themselves – the tractor hired by Muscovites took the remnants of a broken car to scrap metal.

It is not known whether a random person recorded what was happening, it seems that this was still part of the bet. Only now employees of the Karelian transport police are studying video materials in order to give them an appropriate assessment and punish the perpetrators if the participants did something illegal.

Photo: TASS

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