Geely Atlas will lose atmospheric engines


27 Dec 2019

The Chinese crossover Geely Atlas will lose its naturally aspirated engine over time. The base power unit of the all-terrain vehicle will be a “turbo engine” of 1.5 liters

Yes, engines 2.0 and 2.4 will retire, and supercharged engines will replace them. By the way, the 1.8-turbo, which is already being put on Atlases, will remain the top engine. By the way, the general director of the Belji plant Gennady Svidersky told about the expansion of the motor line at a ceremony to produce a 20,000th car at a Belarusian enterprise. According to Svidersky, during 2020 Atlas will receive a “turbo-engine” 1.5 that meets Euro-6 environmental standards. The new engine will allow the Belji plant to sell cars not only in the countries of the Customs Union, but also in Europe.

It is expected that, in order to please Russian tax law, the 1.5 turbo engine is derated from 177 horsepower to 149 horsepower. This will make it possible to “dilute” the three-cylinder unit and the “four” 1.8T, which at Atlas develops 184 horsepower.

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