French “authorities kill” drivers with taxes


25 Dec 2019

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Ave Greta – Thunberg vult! Most likely, this appeal was in the minds of the French authorities when they introduced a new tax for car owners who do not meet environmental standards

Yes, the French parliament passed a law raising the tax on cars that emit more than 212 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Now every year, owners of non-environmentally friendly cars will have to pay 20,000 euros (1.4 million rubles). It should be noted that up to this point he was not small and amounted to 12,500 euros.

According to Bloomberg, according to preliminary estimates by the French Ministry of Finance, an increase in emissions tax for cars should bring an additional 50 million euros per year. These funds will be directed to the development of environmentally friendly transport. At the same time, the country plans to reduce the amount of benefits for the purchase of electric cars and hydrogen cars.

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