Formula 1 will switch to push-pull hybrids and synthetic fuels


Pat Symonds emphasized that “he is very interested in switching to two-stroke engines.” According to the technical director of Formula 1, such power plants are “much more efficient” and can give fans a great sound.

The specialist added that most of the problems of push-pull units, which today are associated with lawn mowers and mopeds, have been resolved. With direct injection, turbocharging and a modern ignition system, two-stroke installations can be made very productive and environmentally friendly, said Symonds.

Symonds noted that the “internal combustion engine has a great future”, adding that it is not worthwhile to rely solely on electric cars. According to him, “there are reasons why electric cars are not suitable for everyone”: for example, topical studies have shown that electric racing cars can be responsible for twice as much carbon emissions compared with hybrids.

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