Forged diagnostic card lost insurance policy


12 Feb 2020

Soon, the traffic police will be able to cancel the falsified diagnostic card of the car. In parallel, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is preparing a new free online service that will allow citizens by VIN number to find out where the car went through and when the diagnostic card ends

A draft amendment to the inspection rules was prepared by the Ministry of Transport. It provides for the possibility for the “official” of the traffic police to cancel the diagnostic card (issued following the results of maintenance) in cases where the machine has not passed the diagnosis or the technical inspection is in violation of the established rules. The traffic inspector, follows from the decree, will have to “inform” the insurance company about the cancellation, as well as to “resolve the issue” of bringing to responsibility the maintenance operator who committed such a violation, Kommersant writes.

The document developed by the Ministry of Transport will enter into force on June 8, 2020, together with a new law on technical inspection. The document is intended to carry out reform in the field of maintenance, eliminating the possibility for citizens to buy diagnostic cards without providing cars.

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