For sale 46-year-old VAZ, who served in the German police


After the end of World War II, the so-called German Democratic Republic was created in Germany, which was subordinate to the Soviet authorities. It existed until 1990, and a specially created structure, Volkspolizei, which in German means “people’s police”, was involved in policing. The whole structure was part of the Ministry of the Interior of the GDR. The service was carried out, in particular, by immigrants of the Soviet automobile industry. Yes, for a rather long period of time, it was our VAZs, Volga and Muscovites that were in service with the German People’s Police.

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A fairly common children’s toy in the last years of the “scoop” was a small copy of German Lada in symbolic green colors and huge flashing lights with a loudspeaker. However, now this rare instance can be purchased, so to speak, on a scale of 1: 1. For sale is a unique VAZ 2103 from the GDR police. The machine is equipped with all standard communication systems and special signals. She left the assembly line in 1974, and in 46 years she traveled a total of 119,500 kilometers. The Troika is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine with 75 hp, and the condition is as close to factory as possible. The seller intends to help out for such an exclusive as much as 15,000 euros.