Factory Five F9R: American supercar with the Australian 9.5-liter V12


While Europe is frantically struggling with internal combustion engines, automakers in the United States are still living and living, relying on classic multi-liter atmospheric units. Among them is the Factory Five office, which has existed since 1995, in which only 40 full-time specialists work. In addition to the already mentioned replicas, Factory Five produces cars of its own design, and until recently, the peak of creativity of local engineers was until recently the mid-engined supercar GTM, which used components and assemblies of the Chevrolet Corvette C5. Now GTM has been replaced by a more modern and technically sophisticated product – the front-engine F9R.




By proportions, it slightly resembles the Corvette C7 already discontinued, but in reality the F9R has little in common with the GM machine. The body of the novelty is made of carbon fiber, and under the hood a 9.5-liter V12 LS is prescribed, developed by Australian specialists from Race Cast Engineering based on the 8-cylinder G-block of the LS series. The output for the atmospheric unit is impressive – 760 hp. and 1051 Nm. For the first time this motor was shown in November at the SEMA tuning show in Las Vegas, where it immediately gathered a lot of enthusiastic reviews from fans of old-school automotive hardcore.

About the gearbox Factory Five F9R has not yet been reported, as well as about the dynamic characteristics. It is known that the car will receive Wilwood brakes, Sparco seats and Koni adjustable suspension. The mass of the car will be only 1088 kg.

Next year, Factory Five plans to introduce a fully functional prototype F9R and begin testing it. Production and sales will begin in early 2021, the price has not yet been announced.


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