Euro 6: now in Russia


23 Dec 2019

On December 21, a new environmental class of Euro-6 passenger and freight cars appeared in Russia. Innovations related to the entry into force of changes in the EAEU technical regulations

Euro 6 is close to EPA10 in the United States and Japanese Post NLT. Carbon dioxide emissions should be less than 130 grams per kilometer. Nitric oxide (NOx) not more than 0.08 grams per 1 km of track. The requirements for particulate matter (PM) emissions have not changed with respect to the Euro 5 environmental class and are less than 0.005 g / km of track.

It is reported that the appearance of the 6th environmental class of cars in Russian regulation does not yet impose restrictions on Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards or new requirements for fuel producers. “There are no incentive measures planned – environmental regulation in the automotive industry and in the fuel market are not in tune. Today, Euro 5 can already be described as a highly environmentally friendly fuel class that does not yet require an increase,” RG quotes representatives of the Ministry of Energy .

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