Escape cost Carlos Ghosn very expensive


thirteen Jan 2020

Litigation, bail, escaping in a private jet with a team of professionals – all of this flew into a pretty penny for Carlos Ghosn, so much so that his condition was almost halved.

The condition of the ex-head of Nissan Carlos Gon has been reduced by 40% since his arrest in Japan. This amount includes the bail lost due to his escape from the country and the cost of transporting to Lebanon. According to Gon, he spent $ 350,000 only on a private plane, on which he left Japan. The work of the team that ensured his rescue from Japan also required over $ 15 million, six months of planning and about 25 people involved at different stages.

Speaking in numbers, the businessman’s fortune declined from $ 120 million, with which he first appeared before a Tokyo court after his arrest more than a year ago, to $ 70 million. Total losses amounted to $ 50 million, of which $ 14 million fell on bail, which was lost due to violation of the terms of release.

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