Elon Musk came up with how to unload the roads of megacities & nbsp


An American businessman proposed the construction of underground tunnels for cars, which only electric cars can move around.
Earlier, the head of Tesla posted a poll on Twitter to find out the public’s opinion about “safe, earthquake-proof tunnels under cities.” By the time of the close, the poll gained almost 1.5 million votes – and the majority (66%) spoke in favor. 18% of respondents could not decide, and the remaining 16% said that they were completely satisfied with traffic jams.
Musk added that the tunnels will only be for green cars. “These will be underground roads, but only for electric cars of any auto brands,” the businessman added.
One of these tunnels is already under construction. It will stretch from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Strip, and work will be completed next year. The pilot project will consist of two tunnels, each of which will be about 1.6 km long. According to them, Musk plans to launch drones that will travel at a top speed of 250 km / h.
The tunnels are expected to become part of the underground Loop Transportation System. A similar high-speed tunnel was opened last year in the city of Hawthorne near Los Angeles, but to move along it, the Tesla car was equipped with special retractable side wheels that abut against the rails located at the base of the tunnel walls.
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