Drivers are asked to take the subway


19 Dec 2019

In Moscow, the main peak of traffic congestion will be on December 23–29, however, on December 31, everything will be free

In Moscow, traditional New Year’s traffic jams will last until December 29. About this in its official Twitter reports the Center for Traffic Management (DPC). The department asked drivers up to this date, if possible, to abandon personal transport and change by metro. “The New Year is getting closer, more cars, worse weather. Before the 29th, plan trips for off-peak hours; if possible, choose the metro. We do not expect good forecasts regarding congestion until 29.12, then it will be easier, ”Autonews quoted the data center representatives.

At the same time, the data center says that by December 31 the roads as a whole will be free, there may be local difficulties at major shopping centers and entertainment venues.

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