Drivers are asked to refuse trips due to snowfall


28 Jan 2020

The current bad weather can lead to a complication of the traffic situation in the capital and the region – traffic jams and an increase in the number of accidents

In Moscow, due to snowfall, a serious complication of the road situation is forecasted. This was reported by the “Center for Traffic Management” (DPC) on his Twitter. According to him, it will snow in the capital all day. The department expects a decrease in the speed of cars in the city and an increase in the number of congestion.

In this situation, the data center turned to drivers with the request to abandon trips in personal cars if possible. If it is impossible to refuse to use personal transport, the department recommends that you be extremely careful on the road. The department reminded motorists of the longer path of braking the car on a snowy road, as well as the inadmissibility of sudden braking and rearrangement.

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