Does the Audi A6 have four cylinders?


“It’s expensive, rich”, everything can be done right away without bread: the fourth-generation Audi A6 entered the Russian market a year ago in the most luxurious version – with a 340-horsepower hybrid powerplant based on a three-liter V6 turbo engine, all-wheel drive quattro ultra, a set of 39 electronic security systems and a starting price of four million rubles. And just recently, a simpler modification came to us: it costs almost a million cheaper, is equipped with a two-liter “four” and looks like a budget option against the background of the older model. We drove on the base A6 on the French serpentines to understand whether such a car is up to speed, or whether the V6 under the hood is required.

To come for a couple of days from dank Moscow to Nice is a thrill. Here, plus fifteen degrees and clear blue sky. But the sight of cars on Russian numbers and studless winter tires, which at this temperature will obviously not feel very well and will not allow you to fully enjoy the serpentines, spoils all the fun at once.

The Six with a 45 TFSI nameplate is 245 horsepower, a seven-speed S tronic robot and a quattro ultra all-wheel drive transmission with two clutches. The first, multi-disk electronically controlled, is located right behind the gearbox – where the machines with the usual quaatro have a Torsen differential. She manages the connection of the wheels of the rear axle. The second – cam – can turn off the right rear axle shaft and stop the rotation of the driveshaft, allowing to improve fuel efficiency by a couple of tenths of a liter.

In real life, the car really turns out to be non-greedy: in the “maximum allowed speed on the highway and far from slow driving on a serpentine” mode, the consumption falls within 10–11 liters per hundred kilometers.

But “speed races” are not for this car. With the throttle fully open, the Six engine roars, but acceleration builds up so evenly and smoothly that it is hard to believe in the official six seconds of acceleration to the first hundred kilometers per hour.

And, apparently, the Audi A6 with the recently introduced for the Russian market 190-horsepower two-liter units (gasoline and diesel) will drive quite sadly, but economically: the company promises an average fuel consumption of around six liters per “hundred” for each modifications.

In quiet city traffic, the Audi A6 with a Quartet of 245 forces is almost perfect. The cabin is quiet, the steering wheel is light, without unnecessary artificial effort “at zero” and at the same time “understandable”, and the optional adaptive suspension smooths out most of all road defects well. On the serpentine, it is better to switch to sports mode, otherwise the box tends to quickly switch to higher gears. For all the same savings.

But in “sports” along the narrow mountain paths you can rush very quickly. The steering and chassis settings allow this to be done, despite the excessively soft winter tires.

With all this, the top 340-strong version even seems redundant. And the “average” modification is becoming an excellent urban business option. One problem is that almost nothing is included in the basic equipment for 3.3 million rubles. Of all their luxury there are only LED headlights and flashlights, climate control, parking sensors and a simple audio system with Bluetooth.

Our test car cost more than six million rubles – that is, three million rubles were spent on options only! The same stuffing is available for the Audi A6 as for the A8: a fully-controlled chassis with swivel rear wheels, a night vision system, a Bang & Olufsen audio system for half a million rubles, a four-zone climate with ionization and aromatization, soundproof side windows, matrix lighting, panoramic a roof, an automatic door closer, a projection display, many electronic auxiliary systems and even a TV tuner.

The new “budget” 190-strong options will save almost 300 thousand rubles from the price of 245-strong modification and almost a million rubles from the cost of cars with V6: the basic version is at least 3 055 000 rubles, and the top one will cost 3.99 million rubles as standard.

So the “affordable” 245-strong option may in fact be not so affordable. And a top-end engine, as practice has shown, is needed only if, under the hood, for your own pleasure, you just want to have a V6 and don’t mind paying a decent amount of transport tax.

There are many alternatives to the 245-horsepower A6 with all-wheel drive. For example, the BMW 530i xDrive AT (249 hp, four-wheel drive) “in the base” costs 3.7 million. Mercedes-Benz does not offer a direct analogue: the initial all-wheel drive E 200 4Matic for 3.58 million rubles is less powerful (184 horsepower and 7.9 seconds to “hundreds”), and the next gasoline modification is already E 400 4Matic with 367 horses per 4.47 million.

An advantageous offer is the Genesis G80 with a 245-horsepower turbo engine and four-wheel drive: prices start at 2,940,000 rubles. The all-aluminum Jaguar XF is noticeably more expensive: the all-wheel drive version with a 250-horsepower “four” costs 3,828,000 rubles. True, dealers offer good discounts on it.

Lexus ES is only front-wheel drive, and in terms of power with the A6 45 TFSI, only the older version of the ES 350 can compare with the V6 (249 horsepower). And for it will have to pay a considerable 4 185 000 rubles. Volvo S90 T5 (249 horsepower, from 3 225 000 rubles) also offer only front-wheel drive. Fully equipped with a more powerful version of the T6, and this is 320 horses and a minimum of 4.3 million. / m

The car Audi A6 45 TFSI
Like “Medium” motor is enough for almost any conditions and roads
I do not like “Empty” standard equipment and cost options
Verdict Large, comfortable, quiet city sedan
Engine 1984 cm³, L4, 245 HP, 370 Nm
Transmission RCP-7
Figures 0–100 km / h – 6.0, 250 km / h
Weight 1770 kg

Detailed specifications of the Audi A6

engine’s type gasoline, L4 turbo
Displacement cm³ 1984
Max. power, hp / rpm 245 / 5000-6500
Max. moment, Nm / rpm 370 / 1600–4300
type of drive full
Transmission robotic, 7-speed
Front suspension spring, multi-link
Rear suspension spring, multi-link
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 4939x1886x1457
Wheelbase mm 2924
Curb Weight 1770
Trunk volume, l 530
Acceleration 0–100 km / h, s 6.0
Max. speed, km / h 250
Fuel consumption (comb.), L / 100 km 6.8
Fuel tank volume, l 73
price, rub. from 3 305 000

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