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The driver was a little distracted, and in front, as if from under the ground, a car grew up or a spontaneous dreamer-pedestrian decided to cross the road … Can you avoid tragedies? “At the wheel” I checked whether smart electronics can save the situation, and maybe someone else’s life.

We have been performing braking tests since 2015. During this time, our own diagnostic technique was developed and a unique test setup was created. We also made an important conclusion: the price of a car does not guarantee the correct operation of the auto-brake system! Mostly expensive cars, costing from 3 million rubles, took part in such tests.

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We decided to check how the popular Kia Ceed and Sportage equipped with the Drive Wise complex cope with critical traffic situations. For this we arrived at Dmitrovsky proving ground.

Someone will object that for tests we took Proceed worth under 2 million. We will not deny it. But we recall that on ordinary Sides in top-end trim levels there is exactly the same auto-braking system. This means that the test results and conclusions are fully fair in relation to both Proceed and Ceed.
A similar system is installed on the Sportage crossover.

Principle of operation

The autobraking system consists of two main blocks. The first is a radar located under the radiator grill and covered with glass. Its task is to establish the distance to the object. The second is the camera, which is located under the windshield and determines what lies ahead: a car, a person, or some other object. Blocks work in pairs, and the “brain” of the car decides whether the situation is dangerous. In the event of a security risk, the system operates in two steps. First warns the driver, and if he does not respond, applies emergency braking.

Test setup: no analogues

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