Diesel Mazda6 will appear on the most “gas” market in the world


American Autoblog suggests that the Mazda6 with a diesel “turbo-four” and a six-speed “automatic” will go on sale in a single Signature configuration similar to the CX-5 off-road vehicle. The non-alternative equipment due to the fact that passenger diesel cars in North America are unpopular: baboutMost of the models are offered only with gasoline engines, which is why the USA is sometimes called the most “gasoline” market in the world.

Mazda has promised to make the diesel six a global model since the premiere of the updated sedan for the domestic market. However, for a long time the sedan on “heavy” fuel was available for order only in Japan. Probably, the American version of the Mazda6 with a diesel engine will go on sale in the second half of the year and will be more expensive than a gasoline sedan in the same configuration, at least $ 4,000 (254 thousand rubles).


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