Daihatsu has revived the Taft name for a crossover that will challenge the “indecent” Suzuki


Under the name Taft, Daihatsu produced a small frame SUV in the 70-80s of the last century, similar to the first two generations of Suzuki Jimny. He was also known as Wildcat and Scat, in addition, he had a twin from Toyota – Blizzard. And next year, Daihatsu under this name will launch a subcompact crossover with a brutal design on the Japanese market. By the way, if the name of the former SUV was deciphered as Tough Almighty Fourwheeldrive Transport (that is, “hard all-powerful all-wheel drive vehicle”), then for the upcoming SUV it already means Tough and Almighty Fun Tool (can be translated as “tough and omnipotent means for fun”).

Frame Daihatsu Taft SWB Soft Top ‘1974–77. Photo: autowp.ru




The model is still in concept status, it will be presented in January 2020 at the Tokyo Auto Salon exhibition, devoted mainly to tuned cars and accessories. In Daihatsu, their offspring is positioned as a “new type of light crossover,” although Taft is made according to the same recipe as Suzuki Hustler (SUV has nothing to do with men’s magazine): we have a “clipped” key car, for which “crossover” is responsible wheel arches made of black plastic and body kit around the perimeter of the body.

Inside, there are vertical airflow deflectors on the sides of the front panel, a multimedia system with a “soaring” screen. Still promised “easy to use luggage compartment.” Also, the model received a glass roof.

The length and width of the new Daihatsu Taft are the same as the second generation Hustler (it will go on sale in 2020), because the dimensions are limited by the requirements for the segment of key cars: 3395 and 1475 mm, respectively. At the same time, the Daihatsu SUV is lower – the height is 1630 mm compared to 1680 mm for the Suzuki model. The size of the Taft wheelbase has not yet been revealed (the new Hustler has 2460 mm).

The Daihatsu crossover is equipped with a 660 cc three-cylinder gasoline engine, power is also not indicated, but for key cars it can not exceed 64 hp. The engine is combined with a variator, but the drive is so far only front-wheel drive, while the Suzuki Hustler has an all-wheel drive version.

The serial Daihatsu Taft will be in the middle of next year. It is possible that such a SUV will appear in the parent company Toyota. However, it is unlikely that new items will be selected outside the Japanese market.


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