Continental Launches New Conti CoachRegio Tire Line For Intercity Buses


A new line of tires for intercity buses offers a reliable and safe ride between cities and villages at various speed modes, excellent handling and high mileage on hilly and winding roads. The Conti CoachRegio line includes a tire for all axles, as well as a special tire for drive axles.

The new design was created taking into account the needs of fleets that operate on short distances and intercity transportation in general, as well as those who operate tourist buses, school buses or shift buses.

Conti CoachRegio HA3 295/80 R 22.5

The new tire is available as the Conti CoachRegio HA3 295/80 R 22.5 for all axles and as the Conti CoachRegio HD3 for the drive axle. The latter option will also be available from the fourth quarter of 2020 as the ContiRe CoachRegio HD3, manufactured using Continental’s hot retreading solution, which provides multiple service life thanks to its rugged and reliable body.

The 3PMSF marking (the symbol of a snowflake on the background of three mountain peaks) means that the Conti CoachRegio can move smoothly in any weather conditions at any time of the year, and its strong and reliable outer layer is designed for the LI 154/149 load, which is currently the highest from available for driving bridges in intercity and international segments. Regarding the values ​​indicated on the EU label, both tires have a rating of “C” for fuel efficiency and “B” for wet grip, with rolling noise of 71 dB for HA3 and 73 dB for HD3 (both with the same sound wave, not resonate).

Lutz Stebner

“With this new line of tires, we have overcome the technological challenge of developing a tire using a balanced composition to increase safety and resource. The model is also characterized by low rolling resistance characteristics for regional buses. With Conti CoachRegio, we are introducing efficient tires that save fuel, last longer and offer better handling, as well as comfort, without compromising the most important safety requirement, ”said Lutz Stebner, Head of Continental Truck Tires for Trucks and Buses in Europe, at Middle East and Africa.

A balanced composition for better traction and longer life is provided by an innovative combination of rubber polymer and reinforcing filler. Special, highly functional rubber and a new type of carbon black provide high mileage with excellent rolling resistance. At the same time, it offers excellent wet handling and good grip on dry surfaces.

Conti CoachRegio HD3

When it comes to tread pattern design, the Conti CoachRegio HA3 features deep lamella technology that delivers outstanding performance on wet and snowy roads, thanks to straight grooves on the outer ribs for structural stability, as well as zigzag inner grooves for optimal protection against stuck stones. These characteristics provide better cornering stability and a quieter ride, providing high comfort for passengers. The Conti CoachRegio HD3 also features a new cross-cord design that increases durability and minimizes damage from bumps while deep 3D sipes better displace water, ensuring improved wet performance, traction and safety.

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