Chinese vodka producer will release its own car


18 Dec 2019

In China, introduced another new compact crossover with an interesting design – Cowin Showjet. This brand is not particularly famous in the automotive market. However, its owner excelled in another area.

To understand the situation, we turn to recent history. The Cowin brand itself was created in 2014 by Chery as a budget sub-brand. Then the Chinese giant decided to move away from producing the cheapest cars possible, so he decided to improve his image. At the same time, there was a steady demand for affordable models. With the help of Cowin, it was decided to sit on two chairs. Unfortunately, the combination did not work, and the brand was sold just to the alcohol giant Wuliangye Group.

Of course, the liquor manufacturer does not have any of its own developments, so when creating a car I had to turn to “old friends” – Chery. Actually, the Cowin Showjet is a turned Chery Tiggo 4, in any case, in the design its features can be traced explicitly. Technical equipment has not yet been disclosed, but there is a feeling that the aggregate line will not undergo changes.

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