Chinese company Hawtai stopped selling cars in Russia


Hawtai, which sold two crossovers under the HTM brand in Russia, is completing its operations in the country. Deliveries of cars are stopped and new is not expected.

HTM was represented by two models – Boliger and Laville crossovers. The first cost from 939.8 thousand rubles and last year it was sold in the amount of 11 copies, and the prices for the second started from 1.049 million rubles – it sold in the amount of 58 copies.

Boliger was available with a 1.8 turbo engine producing 160 horsepower, front-wheel drive, a five-speed manual or a four-band automatic. Laville could be bought with a 145-horsepower gasoline turbo engine of 1.5 liters and the same transmission as the Boliger.

HTM Laville

In the January report of the Association of European Businesses on the sales of new passenger cars in Russia, HTM stands in front of a dash, which indicates that the brand has completed operations in the country.

According to the Chinese Cars portal, citing brand dealers, after the last copies left the warehouses, relations with the distributor ceased. At the same time, the company continues to supply spare parts under warranty. It was not possible to contact the staff of the Russian representative office of HTM to clarify the situation.

HTM cars have been sold on the Russian market since 2014, with some models being delivered from China, while others were assembled at the Derways plant in Cherkessk, which closed last year.

The last few years, brand sales were low: in 2017, HTM completed with the result of 99 cars sold, and in 2018 they sold 144 units.

Source: Chinese cars

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