Chinese automakers have begun to produce masks to protect against coronavirus

General Motors

Many companies, including BYD and the Chinese company General Motors SAIC-GM-Wuling, decided to organize their own production of medical masks. They were in short supply, despite the fact that the country’s capacities allow the production of 15 million masks per day.

A subsidiary of General Motors in a short time built 14 production lines, which can produce 1.7 million masks daily. The first batch was released on Sunday. The remaining brands are working on the re-equipment of their plants in order to also start production in the near future, writes Automotive News.

BYD management said that all work will be completed before February 17, after which the company will be able to produce 5 million masks and 50 thousand bottles of disinfectant per day. The oil giant Sinopeс and the company responsible for assembling Apple Foxconn equipment are helping this car maker.

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