Cars wag poorly on apple harvest


31 Dec 2019

Indirectly, of course, however, experts at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh have found that apple bits thrown from car windows harm nature, affecting the development of wild apple species

Scientists examined the trees growing along the A9 and M9 freeways in Scotland, and concluded that half of the apple trees growing near the roads are hybrid varieties of non-native origin. The fact is that people driving along these roads throw apple bits out of windows. Seeds from the stubs fall into the soil and germinate, after which cross-pollination occurs with local wild varieties.

According to Markus Rahsun, a molecular biologist at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, such hybridization leads to the rapid extinction of wild apple varieties. To avoid this, the employees of the Botanical Garden intend to plant 120 “pure-blood” wild apple trees malus sylvestris and urge drivers not to throw bits from windows on the tracks.

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