Cars in Russia will rise in price & nbsp


Cars will rise in price in Russia due to the increased disposal rate. The government decree entered into force today, January 1.

“From January 1, 2020, the utilization rate for wheeled vehicles (chassis) and trailers will be indexed. The goal of the decision is to create conditions for the development of environmentally friendly technologies for waste processing, ”the government said.

The increase will average 110.7% and will depend on the power of the machine.
For small cars, the collection will increase by 46.1%, for cars with an engine of 1-2 liters – by 112.4%. For the most powerful vehicles (from 3.5 liters), the recycling fee will increase by 145%.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade declares that the new rate will not affect pricing. However, many market participants believe that car dealerships will raise prices.
A recycling fee was introduced in the Russian Federation in 2012, when the country joined the World Trade Organization. It is charged for environmental safety. The money goes to the disposal of cars according to environmental standards. This is tens of billions of rubles a year.
Earlier, Rambler reported that due to an increase in the utilization fee in Russia, an increase in the number of electric vehicles is possible.
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