Carlos Ghosn again demand money


thirteen Feb 2020

Nissan has filed a lawsuit against Carlos Ghosn for 90 million dollars. This amount is claimed from Carlos Ghosn in compensation for damage suffered by Nissan due to “many years of violations and fraudulent actions”

Nissan filed a civil lawsuit against former head of concern Carlos Ghosn. The company intends to receive $ 90 million in compensation for losses that, in its opinion, were caused by the activities of a top manager over the years of his management, TASS reports. This is Nissan’s second civil lawsuit against Gon. In August, the company filed a lawsuit in the British Virgin Islands, where allegedly illegal payments were made.

Previously, former Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi alliance leader Carlos Ghosn predicted Nissan’s bankruptcy in two to three years. This was stated by his lawyer during a press conference. Ghosn himself is currently in Lebanon. Prior to this, he violated the terms of the bail and left Japan, where he was under house arrest. He explained his decision by “political persecution.” He also emphasized that he was not going to remain “captive to the unjust Japanese judicial system.”

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