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Automotive experts talked about whether the buyer can return the purchased car.
Buying a used car is a very risky procedure, in which many sellers mislead and hide many vehicle defects. Not all of them can be identified promptly, because they can appear only after a run-in of a purchased car (3-5 days). But can buyers return such cars?
Russian experts said that there are several types of situations. The first is when the seller did not hide the shortcomings of the car being sold and was ready to show and tell everything, but the buyer simply did not listen, because he really wanted a car for a low price. As a result, after the manifestation of problems, such a client begins to consider himself a deceived person and demand his money back.
In this case, claims usually arise after a technical inspection of the machine at the service station, which writes out an impressive amount for the purchase of expensive parts.
The second situation is the deliberate concealment of defects by the seller, for example, bottom welding or unstable engine operation. If these problems were not identified before the signing of the contract of sale, then prove something will be practically impossible. However, when buying such a machine at a dealership, it is quite possible to return it. But if it was purchased “by hand”, then it will be impossible to do this, since when signing the contract the buyer agrees that he has familiarized himself with all the defects.
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