Cadillac will teach the new Escalade to independently rebuild


29th Jan 2020

Photo by: manufacturer

The company introduced an updated version of the Super Cruise autopilot, which will show the wonders of independence

Super Cruise highway autopilot allows you to move in the “hands-free” mode on certain highways. However, now the system will be able to independently rebuild from one lane to another, following the instructions of the driver. To activate a new function, it will be enough for him to turn on the indicator, after which the electronics will choose the right moment for maneuver.

To expand the functionality, I had to update the sensors at the stern, as well as rewrite the algorithms of the semi-autonomous driving system. Moreover, as before, it relies on topographic data received from the lidar, GPS, as well as a set of cameras and sensors. Curiously, the dashboard prompts inform about each stage of the rebuild. For example, the current system status and a warning about the impossibility of changing the lane are displayed there – in this case, the driver must take control.

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