British diplomats will become green


26 Dec 2019

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The UK Department of Foreign Affairs has announced a complete change of fleet to environmentally friendly transport

UK offices will receive 30 Jaguar I-Pace electric crossovers. They will be sent to 30 cities around the world, including Moscow. According to TASS, by 2022 the British Foreign Ministry is going to transfer 25% of its fleet to electric traction, and by 2030 completely switch to electric cars. In addition to this, the British Foreign Ministry intends to install solar panels on the roofs of its diplomatic missions, as well as completely abandon the use of plastic cups.

“I want us to become the greenest diplomatic service in the world. The transition from gasoline to fully electric cars will help us achieve this goal, ”the words of the deputy head of the department, Simon MacDonald, are quoted in a widespread communique of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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