Brabus launched the armored Mercedes-Benz G-Class


Tuning studio Brabus has opened a division of Invicto, which will specialize in the creation of bulletproof cars. The first armored model of the new sub-brand was the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV.

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The armored Gelendvagen was certified according to the VR6 Plus standard. This means that the car is protected from shots from a Kalashnikov assault rifle by bullets with a heat-strengthened core from a distance of 10 meters. In addition, the SUV must withstand explosions of grenades under the bottom.

According to company representatives, they were the first in the world to develop a protection system that is not inferior in characteristics to factory armor. All elements are attached using a seamless method, and the joints are overlapped by several layers.

A set of armor weighs about a ton. In order for the SUV to withstand the load, Brabus engineers strengthened the frame and front and rear suspension, installed stabilizers and shock absorbers of increased diameter, as well as modernized springs and more powerful brakes.

The novelty received two versions: off-road Mission and luxury Luxury. The first is equipped with additional roof lighting and a winch, while the second is based on its own modification of the Brabus with an 800-horsepower four-liter V8 turbo engine and a sports body kit.

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Armored SUVs will be produced in small batches; most likely, Invicto will work on order. The novelty will hit the assembly line in the first half of 2020, but the company has not yet disclosed the cost of the bulletproof G-Class.

An ordinary SUV costs in Russia from 7,940,000 rubles for the basic version of the G 350, equipped with a 249-horsepower diesel engine.

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