Bonnet blindness: Renault withdraws 80% of Kaptur sold in Russia


Rosstandart reports that the review included crossovers sold by official Renault dealers from September 2015 to the present. Meanwhile, the official premiere of the Capture took place in March 2016, and dealerships of the Moscow assembly began to arrive at dealers only in June of that year, so either Rosstandart’s information contained an error or the review also included cars from pre-production lots that weren’t (I want believe it) in free sale.

According to AEB, from the start of sales to November of this year, inclusively, 98,630 Captures were sold in Russia, and came under review A.78 461A. a car, that is, approximately 80% of the total. It turned out that in vehicles at risk, the hood of the hood lock may break, which will lead to its opening. It is clear that while driving, a sharp loss of visibility forward can provoke an accident, so it’s not worth pulling with a replacement defective part – you can download the list of VIN numbers of the machines to be revoked here. Mechanics of authorized Renault dealerships will free of charge for car owners replace the bonnet lock with the defective hinge with a new one, of proper quality.

Meanwhile, Captura sales in Russia are falling: from January to November of this year, 23,696 units were sold, 16.7% less than the same period last year, ”said the general depression in the Russian car market, the lack of a modern automatic transmission and competition from more fashionable coupe-like crossover Renault Arkana.


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