BMW Tupac Shakur sell for 100 million rubles


The restored BMW Seven is on sale, in which hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur died. Despite the fact that the car of 1996 was subjected to serious restoration, bullet marks were deliberately preserved in the cabin. The car was valued at 1.7 million dollars (more than 100 million rubles).

The car belonged to the Death Row Record label, but after Shakur’s death it was confiscated and then sold at auction. After that, the “seven” changed several owners until it was at the disposal of Celebrity Cars Las Vegas, a company engaged in the restoration and sale of celebrity cars.

The car was restored to almost pristine appearance, while preserving the original wheels and traces of the execution. The company is ready to provide documents confirming that this is the same BMW in which Tupac died.

Las Vegas, September 1996

BMW 750i is equipped with a 5.4-liter engine mated to an automatic transmission. In the cabin there are armchairs upholstered in black leather and decorative inserts made of wood.

On the night of September 12-13, 1996, the BMW in which Tupac rode was shot by unidentified men on a white Cadillac. Four bullets hit the rapper, the wounds were fatal.

Source: Celebrity Cars Las Vegas

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