BMW spoke about the attitude of customers to giant grille


18 Dec 2019

Author photo: manufacturing company

Project manager of the BMW X7 Peter Enrich said in an interview with Autocar that the target audience of the brand “very positively” took a radical update of the appearance of some models, especially the appearance of giant radiator grilles

Although many people ridiculed the BMW X7 SUV for its defiant radiator grill, Enrich believes that the flagship crossover design team, led by Andrian van Hoydonk, has “gone the right way” and customers are “positive about” the exterior of the model. The top manager is confident that BMW buyers are “not afraid of cars with a strong character,” so the design team should not change the concept to please critics.

At the same time, Enrich said that the company’s stylists are not going to replicate the outstanding radiator grilles on the entire BMW lineup, since each model has its own character. For example, a futuristic design may not fit the conservative 5 Series family.

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