BMW recalls 19 thousand crossovers X6


26 Dec 2019

Author photo: manufacturing company

BMW will send for repair 19,087 copies of the X6 and X6 M, which were sold in Russia from 2017 to the present, Rosstandart reports

The defect found on these vehicles is serious, as it jeopardizes the safe transport of children. The fact is that with frequent use of fastenings for Isofix child seats, the holding brackets can break down and the child will not be safe to transport.

As part of service work on vehicles, they will check the fastening and, if necessary, carry out free repairs: they will weld an intermediate insert to the retaining bracket. Curiously, a similar problem has surfaced before. For example, several years ago, for the same reason, 30 thousand crossovers X3 and X4 were withdrawn in Russia.

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