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Video: BMW M760Li for 14 million rubles, which has breakfast sports cars

Just imagine a restyled BMW M760Li with a 6.5-liter 12-cylinder biturbo engine, xDrive all-wheel drive transmission and a full mincemeat made of leather, heating, TVs and even a refrigerator that shoots up to a hundred faster than four seconds, destroying the M80 Competition in the back of the F80. Well, how not to love such a “seven” ?!
True, you will have to pay for it the amount that is enough to buy a BMW X7, X5 and X3 combined. In Munich, they argue that the form factor of the executive sedan itself is not combined with the aggression of sports cars, and therefore it is useless to beg for the launch of the M7 model in the series. On the other hand, the BMW Motorsport department does not know how to build slow cars, which means that the name of the model is the tenth thing. Details in our new video.

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