BMW art car sold to fight plastic in the oceans


The Czech office of BMW sold an unofficial art car BMW i8 Roadster 4 Elements, created by Czech artist Milan Kunz. The proceeds in the amount of CZK 2.1 million (equivalent to 5.7 million rubles) will be transferred to the environmental organization The Ocean Cleanup, which is developing a technology for removing plastic waste from the seas and oceans.

The BMW i8 4 Elements Roadster was unveiled last February. The leitmotif of the project is environmental protection and the problems that humanity has faced. Each side of the supercar is decorated with one of the elements: water, fire, air or earth. Butterflies and plants on the hood symbolize the “energy transformation”; wind generator on the starboard side – transition to clean energy; fish and crustaceans on the left – human responsibility for the survival of species; open space at the stern recalls that the Earth is part of the universe.

For a long time, the BMW i8 Roadster 4 Elements traveled through the exhibition halls. First he exhibited at the BMW showroom in Prague, then at the BMW Museum in Munich.

Now the car was bought by an unknown collector: he paid an amount equivalent to 5.7 million rubles for the roadster, and all of it will be transferred to The Ocean Cleanup environmental organization.

Coupe and roadster BMW i8 equipped with a hybrid installation based on the “turbo” 1.5. The total return of the engine of the machine is 374 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque. To the first “hundred” hybrid is able to accelerate in 4.4 seconds.

The price of a roadster in Russia is from 11 610 000 rubles.

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