BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo left without a successor


BMW discontinues unpopular models. One of the victims of the reduction in the model line was the 3 Series Gran Turismo liftback, whose sales have always been at a very low level. Serial production of the model is completed, brand dealers are selling stocks. This was reported by Autocar.

The liftback has not been particularly popular since entering the market in 2013, and the growing demand for crossovers and SUVs has become crucial for the model. The first rumors that the 3 Series GT’s life cycle is coming to an end appeared in 2018. Last May, during a speech in the financial report of BMW for the first quarter of 2019, Harald Krueger, currently the former head of the BMW Group, officially announced this.

According to Kruger, the rejection of unprofitable models along with the reduction of transmission options are necessary measures to reduce brand costs. In preparation for the transition to a new modular architecture, assembly of which starts in 2021, BMW plans to cut half its motor line.