Best tuning projects of the month: February 2020

Aston Martin

### ABT Sportsline | Audi RS 4, RS 6, RS 7 and RS Q8 The specialists of the German company ABT have developed a universal engine control unit, which [добавляет]( 17-18 percent of the power of a “charged” Audi RS.
For versions with a 4.0-liter “biturbo-eight” – the new RS 6, RS 7 and RS Q8 – the return increases from 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque to 700 forces and 880 Nm. Refining the ABT allows the RS Q8 to dial the first “hundred” in 3.5 seconds – faster than the Lamborghini Urus.
For the Audi RS 4 Avant with a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6, an increase in power is available from 450 horsepower (600 Nm of torque) to 530 forces and 680 Nm. In addition to the chip, all Audi from ABT can be understaffed with custom wheels and lowered suspension.
### Lumma Design | Aston Martin DBX Lumma Workshop showed how the Aston Martin DBX with a wide body kit will look. Designers rethought the exterior of the crossover, replacing the bumpers, exhaust and wheels, modifying the wings and installing a wing.
So far, the first tuning kit for DBX exists only in the form of renders, but orders are already being taken, and real cars will be delivered to customers by Lumma Desgin before the end of the year. At the same time, Aston Martin himself launched the DBX individualization program. [добавили]( to the Q program.
### Carlex Design | Mercedes-AMG G 63 Polish Bureau Carlex [предлагает]( to design a new G-Class in the style of steampunk. The SUV of the Steampunk Edition series surprised with a roof lining made of copper and engraved by hand, as well as a wooden floor in the cabin.
The interior is decorated with pink gold, copper, Alcantara and brown leather; patterns are embroidered on the front panel, roof, door cards and armrests.
In total, Carlex Design plans to build ten Mercedes-AMG G 63, designed in the spirit of the Victorian era. Work on each SUV takes 5200 hours, so the Steampunk Gelendavagins will cost several times more than usual.
### TopCar Design | McLaren 720S The Russian TopCar studio showed the first photos of the McLaren 720S spider with a Fury carbon body kit. The premiere of the supercar was to be held at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3, but [из-за коронавируса]( plans have been revised.
Creating and installing a TopCar kit on a McLaren 720S takes 30 days. The product of the Russian tuning workshop differs from the usual spider by 50 details. A full list of improvements and a price list will be published shortly.
### Darwinpro | Tesla Model 3 Americans from Darwinpro [выпустили]( “rebel” tuning kit that transforms the refined appearance of the Tesla Model 3. Splitters, arch expanders were added to the electric car, replaced hood and bumper.
Carbon fiber pads are neatly fitted, but the aerodynamic use of the body kit is in doubt: the studio does not report tests of parts in a wind tunnel or by the method of computational fluid dynamics.
Technically, the shocking Tesla differs from the usual “three” only in lowered suspension. The price of the carbon kit is $ 7,500 (502 thousand rubles), but soon more affordable fiberglass parts should be on sale.
### ABT Sportsline | Volkswagen T6 Stylists ABT [добавили]( racing aggression to the updated Volkswagen Multivan T6. The minivan was replaced by a bumper, a radiator grill, side skirts, an exhaust system, reconfigured the suspension and boosted the engine.
Chip tuning has increased the return of 199-horsepower (450 Nm of torque) turbodiesel 2.0 to 266 forces and 490 Nm. The handling of the van was improved with sports springs with a 70 mm understatement, 20-inch low-profile wheels and reinforced brakes.
For contrast, the modified minibus was photographed with an ordinary Transporter cargo van. Although the top-end Multivan was chosen as a demonstration van, the details will fit any restyled Volkswagen T6.
### Hennessey Performance | Ford F-150 Texas Atelier Hennessey [показало]( the most powerful pickup in the lineup is the 786-horsepower Ford F-150 Venom 775. The truck was distinguished by an elevated suspension, reinforced brakes, steel bumpers and a rearranged interior .
The performance of the five-liter V8 was increased from 400 to 786 horsepower by installing a 2.9-liter supercharger, replacing the fuel and exhaust system, and modernizing the cooling system. Despite the high-profile “mud” tires, the Ford F-150 is gaining 96 kilometers per hour in 4.0 seconds – [быстрее]( than the dorestyled Toyota Supra GR.
The price of the Ford F-150 Venom 775 with a full set of improvements starts at 117 thousand dollars (7.8 million rubles). Almost 11 thousand dollars (716 thousand rubles) can be saved by refusing to personalize the interior and the lightweight hood with slots. For comparison, the usual F-150 V8 5.0 in the US costs from 53 thousand dollars (3.55 million rubles).
### Brabus | Mercedes-AMG G 63 Brabus Workshop [приготовила]( pickup version, taking as a basis the new Mercedes-AMG G 63. Debut SUV with a cargo platform, portal bridges, 800- a strong engine and a customized interior were estimated at 735 thousand dollars (49.1 million rubles)!
Engineers had to increase the wheelbase, strengthen the frame, redesign the rear of the pickup and “make friends” a powerful engine with a chassis for off-road with a half-meter clearance.
The presentation of the first truck made from the new “Gelendavagen” Brabus planned to hold in Geneva. A full price list has already been published: prices for a basic pickup with a 700-horsepower engine start from 430 thousand dollars (28.8 million rubles).

In the traditional selection of the most unusual tuning projects of the month, you will see a crazy 800-horsepower pickup based on the new Mercedes-AMG G 63, a “touring” body kit for the updated Volkswagen T6, the first set of improvements for the Aston Martin crossover, a trio of 700-horsepower chip RS Audi, Ford’s elevated truck, which will beat the new Toyota Supra GR in the drag race, the first photos of the McLaren 720S after refinement of Russian tuners, the extravagant G-Class in steampunk style and a wide-body upgrade for the Tesla Model 3.

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